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EFL - Urgent Petition - Please Share & Sign - tyvm

PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:51 pm
by Sandgrown1
Hi guys, as a suffering Blackpool Fan I understand and feel your pain over the way your club has been systematically ravaged with zero regards for the supporters... the very lifeblood of the club and the game itself.

On to the petition and reason for me signing up here.
If anyone is a member of any other football forums would you kindly copy and paste this info and the petition as a new topic?

It is a move that should get the backing of all EFL clubs and as horrible as it is (I have been NAPN - not A penny more - for 3 1/2 seasons now and refuse to go back with Oystons in charge)... I think the best forums to get more signatures are where fans have suffered. (sorry guys)

We urge the Government to introduce an independent regulator for English football, charged with ensuring the highest possible standards of governance for all clubs.

At the time of posting this the petition has 7594 SIGNATURES ... would you kindly sign please guys (link address below)