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Postby the boss » Sat Feb 21, 2015 5:24 pm

it really is in our DNA 8)
2014 will be our year !!
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Postby AD » Mon Feb 23, 2015 12:10 am

It's depressingly predictable isn't it. Once the first went in you knew the second was coming. I was more surprised that after it came so quickly we didn't end up losing.

I think for the first time I'm now entirely of the mindset Pressley must go if we're to have any chance of staying up. If we change manager we might still go down, but if we don't I'm sure we will.

You can't be proud if your team has an extra man for 70mins and managed to take advantage of that to go 2-0 up but end up drawing. It just sounds like he's now out of ideas. SP has spent the last few months praising the team after every game despite terrible results and us falling lower and lower. It isn't working in motivating the players so demand more of them.

Yes, some of them are young, but if you think they're good enough to play then they should be expected to be able to compete. It's not like he can say he hasn't been able to bring people in - we've had endless loans, and even permanent signings buggering off after 5 minutes. Given the crowds (only a small part of which is his fault) he's been able to bring in a surprising number of signings.

While SP would say he's protecting young players I can only this endless support working in two ways IMO, both negative. Those that need a kick up the arse think he's satisfied so don't have to work any harder. Those with higher standards take it as a sign that if the manager is happy with that he can't think they're good enough for this level and affects their confidence.

If he was concerned about the youth element, why bring on three youngsters as subs? Instead of bringing on Thomas bring on the more experienced Jackson, or similarly replace Stokes with Webster and switch Pennington to full back? (I'm not suggesting those are changes I would have made, just if, as he stated, youth is an issue, what the natural reaction would be)

I'd have replaced Barton with Turgott, with O'Brien moving into the centre - you retain experience in the centre and add a pacy winger spreading play against a team a man down and who should be tiring due to the extra effort required. At the very least it stops them pushing forward too much for fear of being caught on the break. I would've been fine with either Jackson or Thomas coming on, and would have brought on Haynes as well.
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Postby billythefish » Mon Feb 23, 2015 12:40 pm

I really dont think he has a clue what his best team or formation is. It has changed so much that despite what he says about players I cant see it make too much difference. The team is a mess and has been changed week in week out and the squad every six months. How can the team progress under that?
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