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SkyBlueUntrust Disclaimer

The SkyBlueUntrust (the untrust) has been set up by CCFC fans as a place to discuss football and the wider world in general just as fans would do in a pub. Please be aware that we are not strict on bad language and if you are sensitive to such things we suggest that this site isn't for you. This is an independent site owned and run by fans using their own time and money. The untrust is an unofficial Coventry City FC fans website. It is not officially connected to CCFC in any way. All views and opinions expressed on this website are not those of CCFC (unless otherwise stated) and as such CCFC are in no way responsible. We also hold no connection to the Sky Blue Trust. All posts made on the forum are the views of the individuals alone and are not those of the untrust or any other users of the untrust. We attempt to remove any posts of a libel, threatening, or racist nature as soon as possible. With the vast amount of posts it is possible for us to miss something, if we do then please inform us by pm, reporting the post through the forum or the contact us form located Here. The untrust condones no libel, threating or racist posts and users who post/continue to post such things will be (and have been in the past) banned. This forum must not be used as a place to organise football violence.

Signature Rules

Signature Images
Members are asked to keep signature images relatively small so that the topics may load quickly. Signature images are limited to a combined size of under 100kb and no larger than 500px wide and 150px high.
Only one image may be used if it is larger than 200px wide or 50px high.

Signature Text
Text sizes must not be larger than a font-size of 150%, 5 lines of text is allowed with no images, or 2 lines of text with images. Random text signature script counts as a single line.

Signatrure Content
Signature content must adhere to normal board rules with respect to decency. Signatures may NOT contain any of the following: Obscene, Racist, Sexually Explicit, Graven / Graphic, Offensive, Illegal or anything deemed Not family friendly. Offensive content will be removed. Signature content may be removed and/or signature permissions revoked if a user dismisses requests by staff to change or remove content.

Xbox Live Rules

Xbox Live Gamercard Images
Xbox Live Gamercard images are not displayed in the forum topics if the signature also contains an image, this is to keep topic loading times fast and benefit all members from not seeing too many images.