Bought a PS4 for the lad at Xmas...

Does exactly what it says on the tin.

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Bought a PS4 for the lad at Xmas...

Postby king chillout » Mon Jun 26, 2017 8:53 pm

He's played a lot of Lego games and Ratchet and Clank which was really good.
Together we made our way through Inside and I downloaded Limbo again because I never managed to finish it on the 360. Both great games with Inside just about sneaking it.

I thought I would get a game for myself when I bought the console and went for The Last Of Us which I had heard great things about. I struggled with the shitist, most wanky control system ever for about three nights and then just gave up. Every new area seems to have a new button set up. I was thinking I might have had my day as a casual games player, but then I saw.......Shadow of Mordor.

Something about it brought back memories of the Fable games so I thought I would give it a's brilliant !
Me and the boy are about 50% through it and I've never felt slightly bored or confused for a minute. Hard at first, being killed by the Captains is pretty regular until you get some decent power ups.

The way you choose your sword, bow and dagger power ups is a bit shit, but that is my only gripe.
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